Friday, August 29, 2008

Just In: McCain panders to Americans with Vaginas.

Well. As I’m sure you can imagine, I’m not particularly impressed by McCain’s choice of running mate. My first impression upon hearing the news, since I had no idea who she even was, was that McCain is clearly pandering right now. Maybe that sounds sexist of me, but I don’t think he chose her purely on whatever credentials she brings to the table. And then I heard something about her credentials, and my opinion remained the same. Her credentials appear to include being (1) a good old boy conservative, just the kind of asshole you want to smoke a cigar with after a day of hunting innocent animals so you can hang their heads on your library wall, (2) governor of a state not exactly known for its environmental record, or more recently, for its lack of corruption, and (3) looking a good deal like a 1960’s throwback version of Mariska Hargitay. And let’s not forget her stint as mayor of Wasilla, Alaska; I’m sure that really prepared her for any future discussions she might be expected to conduct with world leaders. So it smacks to me of hoping to pick up some disaffected Hillary Clinton supporters who will respect that Ms. Palin has a vajayjay.

I would be really interested to hear the opinion of some conservatives on this choice. Am I totally off base? Does she bring something to the table that conservatives are seeking? I suppose if she is quite conservative that will help placate the farther right wing of the Republican Party, but there are plenty of people who could have filled that role. She is supposedly a “reformer,” so maybe that’s her draw. I don’t know… this just seems like something to surprise with, but not necessarily something that is going to help McCain in the long run. I suppose we shall see.

I noticed this morning that Cindy McCain and Sarah Palin have something in common, and that is the look that each is projecting. As Cindy stepped off the plane with her husband in Ohio, she looked like she had just finished baking some cupcakes for the PTA meeting at little Timmy’s school in the all-white part of town. Sunny yellow dress paired with a white cardigan; her white-blonde hair scraped back in a girlish ponytail. Sarah Palin manages to look more serious than First Robot McCain in her rimless glasses, but in almost every shot I have seen of her so far she has her hair pinned up on her head like she’s off to her mother’s prom. What’s up with that? Not a good sign.

But you know what? Mostly I’m just terribly, terribly disappointed that the Republican Party put a woman on the ticket in what I think is poor faith, and that she represents so much that I don’t believe in. She “supports oil drilling in ANWR, is pro-life and is a devout Christian.” And she pronounces “nuclear” just like George W. Bush does. What more could I ask for in a candidate? A lot. If this ticket wins, this country is done.


Fran Dorf said...

Clever girl. Pandering to Americans with Vaginas. Love it. I quoted you on my own blog.

Fran Dorf

Peripatetic Princess said...

I am insulted by his choice. It's not that women wanted another woman in the White House, it's that we wanted the RIGHT woman in the White House, and that was Hillary. This woman creeps me out, and you are right, her hairdo is a Superfund site. If McCain gets elected and keels over one day, which seems likely, we are up shit's creek. And it will reflect badly on all women, because that's how Republicans think. A-holes!

Kate said...

PP! Would that you had not abandoned your own blog. I wish you would take it up again.

Reggie Mantle said...

I wonder if part of the plan behind this pick (if there is one) is to elicit criticism from Democrat commentators about her inexperience and, thus, lack of preparation for the vice-presidency. Republican pundits can then point out that she has nearly exactly the same amount of experience as Obama and is only in line for the number two position. A bit of seeking criticism to reflect it, so to speak.

Not that this makes her a good choice.

Kate said...

Except that she doesn't have the same amount of experience as Obama - not even close. But certainly they have already been trotting out the "at least she's only the VP candidate" argument.

Broady said...

Wow. Don't even know where to start. I guess with the obvious: the hair has got to go.

I think the "pandering aspect" of McCain's choice is obvious-- and I think that he doesn't care that it's obvious. But how fine is the line between "pandering" and "responding?" So many of Obama's supporters laud the historical significance of his ethnic background as one of the things that excites them. Same with Hillary's camp. If so much of the media hype is to be taken at face value, it would seem that the masses are crying out for symbolic change as much as they are policy change. So is pandering necessarily a bad thing, if it is in response to the seeming demands of the electorate?

In my opinion, there were a number of equally, if not stronger, Democratic candidates than Obama. Certainly, the man is very intelligent and a gifted public speaker. But I think that part of the reason he has been able to galvanize such an emotional allegiance among his base is that people feel that their individual vote will make history (which it will). That's an extraordinary, very personal element to bring to an election, and has obviously struck a chord with a public that is demanding change. So I don't know if it's fair to fault with McCain's decision to pander to a public that has demonstrated interest in seeing diversity at the highest level.

Perhaps it will prove to be a clever maneuver. I think there will be people that will vote for McCain simply because he put a vagina on the ticket. And I think that there are people that will vote for Obama simply because he is black.

And hopefully, the election will ultimately be decided by those of us who cast our vote based upon more substantive qualities than a candidate's skin tone or anatomical features.

Broady said...

Oh-- BD is furious that McCain picked Palin, as he thinks she'll be quickly exposed as a relative lightweight and be the coup de grace for the GOP. I'm more inclined to wait and see... those small town mayors can be pretty vicious in my neck of the woods ; ) Who knows what could happen w/ this fickle public.

I am disappointed that he did not choose a more moderate candidate, though.