Monday, January 5, 2009

Hiatus over.

After a couple of weeks with no time to post (or anything else), here I am again. The last two weeks have been a steady diet of chasing Eeyore around various living rooms as he explores the world around him and even finally learns to walk just in time to make him an even bigger terror and potential danger around the house. So far our baby proofing has been from the ground up, so now it appears we’re up to counter level. Soon we’re going to have to buckle down and find a safer place for the candy-colored anti-depressants and razor blades that we have so casually ignored to date.

Did you have a lovely Christmas or religious/cultural holiday of your choice? It was Santa’s Christmas for us, since as you know we have a little problem with ye olde organized religion in our house. There was no visit from the baby Jesus at our place. Or actually, at my mom’s, where the 4-foot tall plastic lighted Santa was God-like enough to scare the shit out of my kid.

The travel itself could have been a lot worse, like if we had flown to Houston instead of San Francisco. You may have seen that there was a sort of plane crash at the Denver airport; when we flew out the next day I craned my neck every which way to try to see the wreckage but could not. That’s probably for the best since I am already such a nervous flyer, but I couldn’t help but look. As seems to be his M.O., Eeyore was wide awake, squirmy and vocal for the entire two hour flight, just until they started the initial descent. Something in the change of the engines seems to be his cue to go to sleep, just as it was my cat’s cue when flying her out to live with my mom to take a large, stinking poop. I guess I’m glad we get 15 minutes of peace, but it sure would be nice to think that I might ever be able to read a magazine or a book on a plane again and not just spend the entire time freaking out about what I can entertain him with next so he doesn’t:

Yell joyfully
Kick the seat in front of him
Yell angrily
Throw his binkies

Someday, perhaps.

Meanwhile, here is a picture of Eeyore passing time in the back seat of the rental car.

And just for grins, this morning my mom sent me this picture of us with some random family members when I was about 16. My expression is vintage teenaged me – what an asshole!!!!


Cindy said...

We not into the organized religion thing either, but my family has always done the insane thing of serving birthday cake on Christmas eve and singing Happy Birthday to . . . yes, I'm afraid . . . Jesus. We try to put more of a historical spin on it. Sort of how you also celebrate presidents' birthdays or MLK Jr.'s.

So sorry about that plane ride. It gets better. You might look into Jet Blue--they have little TVs on the back of each seat, and they get some cartoon network show.

Happy NY to all of you!

Broady said...

You definitely are rocking the angsty teenage look- I love it! I, on the other hand, do not look near as cool in any of my photos from those days-- you would have intimidated the sh*t out of me in junior high. Your mom's pretty. Definitely see the resemblance.

Meant to tell you that Eyeore's photo is so sweet! He looks like quite the intellectual perusing the alphabet.