Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Busy bees.

Oh, dear, but things have been busy around our house. Exciting goings-on:

1. Eeyore turned 2.

We opted to have an “end-of-summer barbecue” for our friends with kids rather than a strictly child-oriented birthday party, and ended up with a kind of limp mish-mash. It was successful enough for the kids, who ran around the yard chasing balls and blowing bubbles and smearing Elmo cake on their faces, but it wasn’t quite the adult party I had imagined. In retrospect that probably ought to have been apparent; making sure nobody loses a tooth (which one girl did while trying to pry the plastic plug out of a water pistol with said tooth) doesn’t lend itself to drinking with abandon. And I’m not used to the vibe of a backyard party not fueled by alcohol – Mormons must have very dull parties indeed.

2. Ferberizing Baby.

We started this last night, since at 6 months Baby has become ruler of the household with his need for firm butt-pats, liquid refreshment and pacifier-reinsertion upon waking in the night. R. and I have created this monster while trying to keep him from waking up his brother when he wakes during the night (they share a room), but while we have managed to preserve Eeyore's sleep we have totally ruined both Baby’s and our own. So last night began the whole “progressive waiting” thing where you let the baby wail his miserable head off and you visit him at intervals of increasing length until he passes out from despair over the fruitlessness of his attempts to summon parental love and affection.

He cried for about an hour last night, but what would have been comical were it not 3:30 in the morning was the sheer fury in his screams. He wasn’t whimpering with sadness or fear; he was PISSED OFF that there was nobody there to stick that binky back in his mouth for him, or peel his grapes, or whatever it was that he wanted. It’s our own fault for getting him used to having slaves, but it’s time to nip it in the bud. We’re having to conduct this operation by moving him into a crib in the living room when he wakes, which probably makes him even more out of sorts. The whole thing blows, frankly, but we can’t back down because we need sleep desperately. I bet I could drop 10 pounds just by sleeping through the night for a week. And avoiding the malted milk balls at the shop near my office, but that’s another issue altogether.

3. Happy Anniversary.

Today is my wedding anniversary; 3 years ago today R. and I got married in an outdoor square in Savannah. That evening we drank pink champagne, celebrated with our families, and later sat alone together in our crowded hotel bar, still gussied up in our wedding togs. What happened next is a gigantic blur, but it involved a trip to London, getting knocked up, and then that’s pretty much all I remember until this:


Fluffy Windover said...

Happy anniversary!!! Hope you got to do something nice. Those kids of yours... just so cute. Good luck with the ferberizing. Edwin goes to sleep great now but he still often wakes in the night, sometimes a million times. Nights where he sleeps through, he wakes up at like 5 AM. It's always something, isn't it? ugh.

Cindy said...

Happy anniversary! And way to go on that Ferberizing. We did it at six months also--when I went back to work and NEEDED to sleep. The first bit is hell, but I was amazed at how quickly it settled down.

You should try the adult-kid combo. party WITH alcohol. Sophie had party where one of the activities was decorating straw hats with dodads using a hot glue gun. A bunch of my girlfriends were planning and drop and ditch until I brought out a pitcher of cosmos. Suddenly everyone thought the kids needed help with those glue guns. We always figure as long as one adult is sober enough to drive a kid to the ER, we're fine. :)

Kate said...

I guess I forgot to mention we bought a shitload of alcohol - it was just that nobody drank very much!