Friday, January 11, 2008

Adding a little color.

I've been thinking that this new blog has been sadly devoid of photographs, so here are a few for you from Christmas. VERY thrilling stuff, although I doubt your Christmas photos are that much more exciting.

The mantel.

The backyard on Christmas Day, when we had a snowstorm. I guess we kind of forgot to put away the patio furniture at the end of the summer, huh.

The dinner table. You can see some of my green depression glass if you look closely: Ring and Manhattan glass tumblers. There are also Jadite serving dishes, ooh, lovely; but I also spy some crappy Pyrex. I also have a large collection of mismatched green antique plates (they all have some green in them), and if you know what you are looking for you can see that I have alternated black Midwinter Landscape plates with some new Staffordshire. I can't say I am too fond of the runner/placemat setup, but I was kind of winging it last minute. Fortunately, people usually cut new moms some slack.

You probably recognize this as a Christmas tree.

You know who this is, checking out his namesake.

Good lord, could he be any cuter? Except today someone at work asked me how the baby was doing, and I sent this picture with just the message: "Voila Eeyore!" She wrote back: "She's a beauty! I know you are having such fun with little Viola!" I suppose he could look like a girl, but really!

A baby gets tired (except in the middle of the night, of course).


Broady said...

Great pictures! Viola's growing up to be a good-looking lil' chap. : )

Sherry said...

I love the snow pictures... I didn't get to see any this year. But more than that... Eeyore is STUNNING. And I say that in a very masculine way...

Mel said...

Well I guess christmas was really something for you.
And yes the baby is adorable, is she your daughter, niece, sister???.

Have a nice day

Mel said...

soooooooooooo cute.