Thursday, January 3, 2008

Nouvelle Kitty rocks the vote!

I feel disenfranchised. Yesterday I checked to see when the Colorado primary would be held, only to learn we have a caucus system here. I don’t understand the caucus system, and there hasn’t been any push by the candidates to come here and teach me what the hell has to be done the way there has been in Iowa. The best I could tell from the Colorado Democrats website, I have to show up at my local precinct voting station at 7 pm on “Super Duper Tuesday” to listen to my nosy neighbors debate all the local bullshit they want to see on the ballot:

Activist Neighbor: “People, we can NOT let our local restaurants serve alcohol! Do you realize the element that will bring into our neighborhood?”

Younger Neighbor: “But those are family restaurants, and they bring life to our community!”

AN: “Well, then, at least get that playground off the corner; kids are going to break their necks! And we have to do something before Joe Blow is allowed to build an addition on his house – it will destroy the feeling of the neighborhood!”

YN: “I’ll back you on that one only if you get that giant angel totem out of your front yard.”

AN: “But that’s art!”

The saving grace is that who to nominate is the first item on the agenda, but still. 7 p.m.? I’m trying to put my child to sleep at that time. Do I have to stay home and walk my baby barefoot around the kitchen so my husband can exercise his right to vote? Does he? Or do we have to hire a babysitter? I mean, seriously, WTF? Last I checked, having to go through contortions to vote was a big no-no. I guess I will have to take Eeyore to his first caucus and deal with it. Maybe it will get him started on a lifetime of recognizing the importance of playing a part in the political process. Maybe he will be president!

Or a Liberace for the 21st century; who knows.

On a completely different subject, I saw an article the other day about how Sanrio is updating its Hello Kitty character to appeal to men. Good grief. Kitty is girly, and to try to make her more “macho” to appeal to men seems like an exercise in futility. I’d think Kitty already has the only male following she will ever have - skinny boys with floppy hair and studded belts, presumably of both the Japanese and American “ironic” variety. Apparently Sanrio is even sinking so low as to have Kitty cheekily display her underwear, which I guess might bring in the hentai anime crowd, but probably not America’s suburban dads.

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Broady said...

Yesterday I actually forced myself to read CNN's version of "Caucuses for Dummies" in an effort to cipher how they actually work. Unfortunately, I only made it through half the article before getting distracted by "The Soup."

So I don't completely understand the mechanics of the caucus, but it sure is fun using it as a verb. I hope you get some good action shots of Eyeore caucusing at the precinct.