Friday, January 25, 2008

An open letter.

Here’s the thing, Hillary: I don’t like you these days. And if you’ve lost me, a core Democratic supporter who had actually planned on voting for you, then you are losing other people, too. At least, I hope you are, because this bullshit of the last week or so has really pissed me off. What do you think you’re doing, trying to rip up another Democrat; one of the brightest lights of our party? Are you truly so blind to the needs of this country that you would sacrifice our future for your own, immediate grab for power? I don’t know, maybe this is your revenge against Bill for all the shit he put you through when he was in office; certainly he is making a big, fat fool of himself now to further your goals.

The more I watch this spectacle you’re creating, the more I think you might as well be George Bush for all the good you’re doing for American politics. Most of us are longing to move past this kind of old school, Tammany Hall shit and get on with a more optimistic future, and you don’t want to let it go. Look, I’m not quibbling with you on the issues – at least you are more or less still a Democrat. I’m just tired of watching you act like a puppet on a string, changing your tack every 5 minutes to try to capture whatever your advisers tell you is the way the wind is blowing this week. Last week you were laughing like a hyena; this week you’re “finding your voice.” Sorry, but that is so disingenuous and you know it. Why can’t you just play nice? You started this, so it’s not like you were on the defensive.

Sister, we NEED to win this election. The fate of this country is on the line. The next president is going to determine whether we will ever regain a position of respect in the world or maybe even if we’ll all die at the hands of people who really, really dislike us. Do you think Mitt Romney is going to garner us that respect? The answer is NO. John McCain? I don’t ever want to have to find out. So stop acting like a goddamned fool and be nice to your fellow Democrat, because I don’t want a bitter taste in my mouth if I have to vote for you next November. This election is an opportunity for America; don’t fucking blow it.


Leslie Ann said...

I am a Republican, but I hope Obama gets the nomination. Going to vote for him. There is no one left in my party that is decent except Ron Paul.

I think I would have to move out of the country if Huckabee or Romney won.

mandarinemandarina said...

Amen, and buon natale, from a friend who has had to change her clothes, as it were.

Cindy said...

I'm with you: we can't screw this up AGAIN. Did you ever see that website following the last general election where thousands of Americans posted their sad faces with the message "I'm sorry" to the rest of the world? It made me cry, and I just don't think I can take it again.

Awaiting Super Tuesday. God, what a rollercoaster.

Jenny said...

My sentiments, exactly! Hillary's coming to SJ today, so I should go hand deliver this myself.. probably the BEST advice to date.. :(

David James said...

A-fucking-men, sister. I predict (sadly) that Hillary will turn into the next Democratic-election killer, ala Nader. I think she knows that her negative approval rating does not bode well for the national election, regardless of her credentials and experience. I do not like Hillary's chances against McCain, notwithstanding Ann Coulter's back-handed endorsement of Clinton over McCain. I had hoped that Dean, Gore, Kennedy and others within the Democrat establishment would convince her to drop out and endorse Obama, but that's not happening. Fuck, I can't believe that we're facing the prospect of 4 more years of some Republican fuckwit.