Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hubris and other fun stuff.

Let me just start by saying that I feel terrible for his wife and daughters. But damn! What was Eliot Spitzer thinking? Actually, I find this kind of thing fascinating. Here is a man who has spent his public career making a big stink about fighting corruption and yet, as is often the case, has been naughty, naughty behind the scenes. What is it about some men whose personal peccadilloes cause them to be overly moralistic about the same issues in public? Take Mark Foley, for example, the erstwhile congressman whose public mission was the fight against child abuse and exploitation but who privately was sending lewd emails and text messages to teenage boys who had worked as congressional pages. It’s an interesting psychological phenomenon. Perhaps all we need to do is look to see which politician is moralizing the loudest to know who is up to no good; me thinks thou dost protest too much and all that.

In other news, I woke up this morning and almost immediately felt smothered by the fact that I had to go to work today. Then when I dropped Eeyore off at school, I felt quite miserable as I left him playing on the floor with the other kids. Not that I think it’s bad for him to be there; just that I wish I could be there with him, too. I can’t believe I am turning into this person, the potential “SAHM,” but I need to get over it because, like many Americans, I can’t afford not to work.

Only 2 months until our trip to France.


Cindy said...

Maybe we should start a support group for SAHM fantasizers. So much of the time I feel so overstretched and think that just a few hours at home during the day would allow me to get things done and then be able to just enjoy my daughter fully without having to make dinner, do laundry, run the PTA on the phone, etc. Maybe I just need a vacation too!

Broady said...

Hate to admit it, but I have been riveted by this Spitzer thing. I like your Hamlet quote; it's appropriate, as this fall from grace is downright Shakespearean. I can't decide if they guy is a megalomaniac who holds himself above the rules he enforces, or a public narcissist who is quietly consumed with self-loathing for his weakness. Maybe both.

Anonymous said...

I hope you make boat loads of money because I just heard a salad costs US$60 in Paris - needless to say my trip is off!

Kate said...

Anon - a salad does NOT cost $60 in Paris unless you are eating at a Michelin 3 starred restaurant, I promise!