Thursday, March 27, 2008


I wish you could buy H&M clothes online. Denver doesn’t have a lot of the basic stores you can find elsewhere in the US; stores that have pretty much been staples elsewhere for some time, like H&M, or IKEA. We only got Sephora here about 2 years ago, not that I buy anything there. I’m kind of a drugstore product person, from Eucerin red-skin lotion to Maybelline Great Lash. I do buy department store lipstick (MAC or Bobbi Brown) and blush (Lorac), but otherwise I have no idea what’s going on in the world of beauty and honestly, don’t really care. In fact, now that I think about it, I have really let myself go in that regard. I don’t remember the last time I got a pedicure, had my eyebrows waxed, wore my contacts and really did my makeup. It’s not that I think I’m some natural beauty that doesn’t need help, either; no, I’ve just become quite lazy. I would like to work on that a bit, especially with the whole being 39 thing making it all seem that much worse.

At lunchtime today I popped over to the gym for my “butts and guts” class (ouch) and then for a quick visit to see Eeyore. While there, I asked one of his teachers if she wanted to baby sit for him in a couple of weeks, because she’s always indicating she’d be up for it, all for the low price of $15 per hour (!). I’ve avoided it so far, because we have a couple of girls we use for $12 an hour, and I’ve always thought it could be a little weird having one of his teachers over to our house. I mean, what will she think, and what will she come back in and tell all his other teachers, because you know she will? But we really need someone for that date, and she and the babe really like each other so I decided to just get over it. I’m still thinking, though, about her impressions and the report back. Will she be surprised by how small our house is, so she’ll go back in on Monday morning and something like this will ensue:

Teacher Babysitter: “Now I know why Kate says she can’t afford to have another baby; she really can’t. You should see how tiny their place is!”

Lead Teacher: “Did she at least have nice things for you to eat? Baby A’s parents live in the foothills – they have an enormous house and they love me and they always have just what I want to eat. And Baby A loves me, too. And I baby sit for them all the time because they love me. I wouldn’t even have time to baby sit for Eeyore if they asked because everybody else always wants me and loves me. Eeyore loves me. He sits up and walks and runs and sings arias for me; I’m not sure why he doesn’t for Kate and R.”

TB: “They had a couple of cans of Coke and some string cheese, so no, not really. They had a lot of wine and bourbon, though. Maybe that’s where they spend their money. I looked through her closets; there was a lot of stuff but it was all kind of cheap. So was her makeup in the medicine cabinet.”

Oh, dear – do people do that? Go through your things, I mean? Not that I really care, now that I am a Buddhist, don’t you know.


Broady said...

I am SO boobytrapping my medicine chest when babysitters come to my house. I've heard of people tipping an open bottle of rubbing alcohol, or something really pungent against the door and closing it... then gotcha!

And I refuse to put anything on these lashes but Maybelline Great Lash-- Chanel be damned. I'm with you on the lipstick, though. That's where I splurge.

Woolly said...

Wow, I can't believe you put so much into what a babysitter thinks of you. I wouldn't worry about it so much... just go and have a fun night out. Unless your secretly a serial killer and stash your bodies in the basement you've got nothing to worry about.

Kate said...

Yeah, I don't really worry about it - it's just something to write about. I also kill people in elevators on my blog, but that hasn't actually happened either - yet!

Woolly said...

if killing random people that bugged you was legal I think there would be quite a few murders around my area!

P.S. you sound way too cool to worry about what other people think!

Cindy said...

Yeah--booby trap!!

Sounds l like you're writing about my life on the beauty front. My MIL gives me gift certificates for pedicures for my bday, and I still can't get my ass hauled over there. There is no time in my life for beauty, I guess!

And about the teacher? Let 'em talk. You have a happy baby, right? What else is there that's that important?